In order to sail the seas in a safe manner, the maintenance and repair operations of the boat have to be implemented perfectly. It is easy to ensure that the boat works safely within the scope of refit service.  

It would probably be a frightening idea to be in the sea with a boat that doesn’t give you confidence. Therefore, it is critical for a seamless experience to travel with a boat, where all parts have been checked in detail and where all necessary repairs have been carried out thoroughly.   

As part of our refit service, we offer all maintenance and repair services you can imagine for your fibreglass boat. This allows you to be in possession of a boat that is checked and allows you to travel safely. If you own a boat that has been in operation for a long time, we start our work primarily by checking the rustproof insulation. With this inspection we remove the rust that appears or can appear on the hull. If a worn insulation layer is present, we perform rustproof insulation works again. By continuing our inspections on the hull of the boat, we are working to eliminate the negativities that affect the overall appearance. 

As technology advances, the load on the electrical and electronic capacities of the boats increases. At the same time, we check all electrical elements of the boat and identify the existing problems. In accordance with this determination, we start renovation and repair works on defective parts or parts requiring maintenance. This will allow electrical elements that provide both safety and entertainment during travel to operate in a safe manner.  

Depending on how the boat is used, the interior fittings and upholstery will wear out. As these signs of wear will directly affect the cosmetic appearance of the boat, these types of wear should be removed in a short time. The renewal of the upholstery and the creation of a new ambience inside the boat will get everyone on board excited.   



As part of the refit service, the renewal of the boat’s upholstery, taking into account today’s trends and boat characteristics, is one of the most critical elements to own a boat of high prestige for many years.   

As a result of the tests carried out on the main engine, a general remark is made about the general health of the engine, and after the problems are identified, all kinds of renovation and repair work is carried out.   

As part of the refit service, the boats and all their parts are carefully examined, and precautions are taken for the defective, faulty or insufficient parts. Removing the problems that affect the general condition of the boat also provides an opportunity for a smooth trip.   

– Teak maintenance of the boat   

– Furniture maintenance and repairs  

– Chrome repairs  

– Fibre repairs   

– Polish 

Maintence And Repair

The maintenance and repair work on the boats require both care and professionalism. A malfunction that can occur at sea can cause a negative impact, agitation and panic throughout the voyage. For this reason, it is very important to carry out the periodic maintenance work on the boats on time and with a professional perspective.   

As part of the maintenance, all parts of the boats are carefully examined, and the work starts. At this stage deficiencies are identified. Many things like hydraulic fluids, oil leaks, deck problems, the condition of the hull, the situation of electrical and mechanical parts are carefully and meticulously checked. During this phase the defects are identified, and the necessary maintenance is carried out.   


As part of the repair process, once the checks are completed, the process of repairing the parts that do not appear to be in perfect condition or replacing them with new spare parts takes place. General considerations are shared with the boat owner by determining the parts that do not cause problems but are likely to cause problems in the future.   

As part of all maintenance and repair services, technicians or skilled master craftsmen who are experts in their field manage the process. The spare parts used by our technicians are original spare part products. Technicians or master craftsmen who are experts in their field are on hand to assist with any intervention to be carried out on the boats. For example: While one technician or master is assigned to solve the problem in the hull, another technician or master is assigned to solve problems with mechanical parts. In this way, the work of the qualified technicians is concluded meticulously. When the whole process is concluded, various tests are carried out, by moving on to the control phase. The maintenance and repair work on the boats with positive test results has now been completed.   

All activities that are performed as part of maintenance and repair services are reported to you through the reporting system. In this way, you will be informed about all processes performed on the boat. In addition to our detailed reporting, information about the process is provided by our skilled workers who work on your boat.   

We work hard to ensure that you don’t get halfway on sea voyages. With the maintenance and repair works being carried out by qualified personnel, you will feel safe and prevent your plans from being disrupted.   

We are pleased to state that we perform maintenance and repair works on all boats with great attention, care and experience. With boats that give you confidence and whose problems have been resolved, you can regain your freedom on the crystal-clear blue waters just like in the old days.   






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