Hıgh tech composıte tactıcal boats

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Kraken Marıne Industrıes: Unleashıng Unrıvaled Powerboat Excellence on the Seas

Welcome to Kraken Marine Industries, where innovation meets reliability in powerboat design and engineering. Specializing in crafting robust vessels for Sea Police, Gendarmerie, Harbour Master boats, and unmanned sea vessels, we pride ourselves on delivering uncompromising strength and durability. Our powerboats are engineered to tackle the toughest sea conditions with ease, ensuring smooth operations without a hitch. Renowned for their exceptional speed and maneuverability, our vessels are built to excel even in the most challenging environments.


At Kraken Marine Industries, we employ cutting-edge techniques such as vacuum infusion for manufacturing our boats, ensuring the highest quality and structural integrity. Utilizing vinylester resin with stitched fibers, our vessels are not only incredibly strong but also lightweight, enhancing performance and fuel efficiency. The advanced construction methods we employ guarantee that our boats are not just capable but also sustainable, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on performance.


With a keen focus on precision engineering and attention to detail, every vessel we produce embodies our commitment to excellence. From design concept to final construction, we prioritize innovation and reliability, ensuring that each Kraken Marine vessel exceeds expectations. Whether navigating treacherous waters or conducting high-speed operations, our powerboats stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship and unwavering performance. Join us at Kraken Marine Industries and experience the pinnacle of maritime excellence.