Military Aplications

-Offshore patrol



-Asset protection

-Perimeter Protection

-Insertion / Extraction


TM 46

Lenght         14.60M

Width            2.90M

Top Speed   80KNOTS

Weight          11.300KG

Material   Kevlar-Anti Bullet

Engines    2X Seatek 950+

Load Capacity   1700KG

Range             500 Miles



Main technical features

-High speed capabilities up to 80Knots Waverunning hull design allowing high speeds to be maintened in rough conditions transformable shape. Low RCS for covert operitions

-Remote controlled, Gyroscopically stabilised

-12.7mm Machine gun

-6-8 Personel / Combatant capacity

-Fully enclosed climate controlled cabin with 6 shock mitigation seating

TM 46  is designed to fulfill the requirements of most demanding competitive conditions who want performance to the limits, safe operation, basic reliability and last but not least, high visual impact.
The generous openings in the upper part allow a comfortable and dignified access to the bridge. The standard instrumentation is clearly visible at a glance and positioned logically. The Spartan and ergonomic interior features a wide glazing that offers a wide view to the occupants, who are sitting on a row with 6 bucket seats and cushions.
Hull Made of Kevlar-PVC foam-Kevlar sandwich, has a vertex angle of 23°. In the aft part 2 steps give a significant hyperventilation to the hull, this means that the ‘friction is significantly reduced. Therefore, smoothness and high water-grip are the must of this new hull design by Kraken. All Kraken hulls are molded with infusion technique, this allows a strong, lightweight hull, as the ratio resin/ fibers, is very low.
TM 46  is equipped with two engines with outputs ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 hp housed in the large engine room, where technicians will be reserved for a ‘wide space all around, to improve the speed and ease’ inspection / intervention. In addition, the large volume of the engine room and the striking air inlets placed on the hull ensure a constant flow of air intake of the engines themselves. The engine case hides within it, a system of air/water separator designed to protect motors from possible water infiltration.


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